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Care Fund
Care Fund
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Building a community of faith in Christ that is rooted in the Word of God, expressing love, faith and hope through real life and ministry.

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Our grant making results in positive and sustained changes in the community. Here’s how we do it.

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Your donation will help us distribute supermarket vouchers to help individuals and families to purchase their essential needs in this very challenging time for many families


Please issue cheque to New Beginning Church Ltd, mail it to: New Beginning Church 37 Jalan Pemimpin #08-18 Singapore 577177


You may transfer directly to our special account at Standard Chartered bank account #01-0-498722-7, the account name is New Beginning Church Ltd


Please issue cheque to
deposit it to STANDARD CHARTERED BANK account: 01-0-498722-7

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You are eligible to apply for Solidarity Supplementary Support Fund (Care Fund) if you are:

  1. 21 years old and above Singapore Permanent Residents (PRs), Foreigners residing in Singapore with longterm Passes

  2. Living in a property with AV not more than $21,000. Applicant should not own more than one property. 

  3. Household income of not more than $7,800 or per capita household income of not more than $2,600. 

  4. Presently experiencing loss of income more than 30%

  5. Applicants should not be concurrently receiving support from any of the following Government schemes when applying for the CRG:

  • Seafarers Relief Package;

  • COVID-19 Driver Relief Fund;

  • SGUnited Mid-Career Pathways Programme – Company Training; or

  • SGUnited Skills Programme

Recipients of the COVID-19 Support Grant (CSG), ComCare Short-to-Medium Term Assistance or Long-Term Assistance may apply for the CRG when receiving their last month of CSG or ComCare payouts. If approved, their CRG grants will commence only after the cessation of their CSG or ComCare payouts. 

Applicants who are Full-time National Servicemen at the point of application are not eligible.

Assistance Provided:

The financial support provided by Solidarity Supplementary Support Fund will be as follows:

1. Grocery Voucher Up to $300 per month for six months to those who at the point of application are:

  • Unemployed due to retrenchment or involuntary contract termination; or

  • Placed on involuntary no-pay leave (NPL) for at least three consecutive months.

  • Loss of monthly income more than 30%

  • having difficulty to pay for basic needs (grocery, rent, transport for work)

2.  Up to $200 per month for six months for those who are:

  • having difficulty to pay for your children school fees

  • having difficulty to pay for transfort fee

3.  Up to $300 worth of voucher for school essential:

  • having difficulty to purchase school essentials.


1. To apply for Solidarity Supplementary Support Fund is by our online application (  Fill and submit the form accordingly.

2.  Parents may apply for their children’s essential/school needs

3.  Alternatively, you may download a hardcopy application form here. Once completed, please mail the form (and supporting documents, if any) to New Beginning Church Ltd 37 Jalan Pemimpin #08-18 Singapore 577177

4.  Generally, your application will be processed within 15 working days from the date of receipt of the completed application.

5.  If you have not received the outcome after 15 working days, you may email us:

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If you are eligible, please, fill in and submit the application accordingly

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